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Michele Soel, CPT

               Meet Michele Soel, the embodiment of strength, beauty, and unwavering focus on health and wellness. As a certified personal trainer and Lagree instructor, she has not only carved a name for herself in the fitness industry but has also become an influential figure dedicated to transforming lives.

            With a background rooted in fitness, Michele has collaborated with industry giants like Lagree and Gymshark, showcasing her exceptional talents and passion for pushing the boundaries of physical excellence. Her journey in the world of fitness began in the picturesque coastal town of Malibu, where she teaches Lagree classes that not only challenge the body but also inspire the soul.

                 Beyond the gym, Michele is known for hosting captivating fitness events that draw enthusiasts and novices alike. Her magnetic presence and expertise in the field have made her a beacon of inspiration for those looking to embark on their own fitness journeys, but Michele's story doesn't end in the gym. She's also an amazing mother, proving that the pursuit of health and wellness can be seamlessly woven into the fabric of everyday life. Her dedication to family and her ability to balance motherhood with her fitness empire make her a true role model.

             Nutrition is more than just a passion for  Michele; it's a way of life. She firmly believes that what you eat is the foundation of your well-being, and she's committed to spreading her knowledge of nutrition and the benefits of eating healthy to the world. Through her endeavors, Michele has found her purpose: to share her wealth of health, wellness, and fitness knowledge with the world. Her mission is to empower people everywhere to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives. With every class, event, and social media post, she inspires others to embrace a better, more vibrant everyday life.

          Join Michele on her journey as she continues to make waves in the fitness industry, sharing her boundless energy, wisdom, and love for all things health and wellness. She's not just a fitness influencer; she's an inspirational woman on a mission to change lives one workout, one meal, and one smile at a time.

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